Moving further towards sustainability with carbon footprint data

In the production of a typical STÜKEN deep-drawn part, almost 90% of all CO₂ emissions are generated by the starting material. Deep drawing itself is a relatively resource-saving process.

Due to increasing cost pressure and the globalization of supply chains, sustainability was not a focus for a long time. This has changed fundamentally. Today, disclosing the carbon footprint is a must-have for many customers when placing orders.

STÜKEN is aware of its responsibility for sustainable development in both the ecological and social sense. The legal requirements, such as the Supply Chain Act, form the basis for this - they are often exceeded by the diverse and far-reaching requirements and wishes of customers for CO₂ reduction or climate neutrality.

Read in issue 06-2022 of the trade journal medizin&technik how STÜKEN calculated its carbon footprint and what insights were gained in the process.


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